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My Name is Garry Bagnell. I am 47 years old and I absolutely love watching Birds.

My main birding achievement was being featured in the hit BBC-4 documentary "Twitchers-A very British Obsession". It was broadcast TEN times and I loved the whole experience.

I do keep THREE Bird lists. The list I am most passionate about is my COMBINED BRITISH & IRISH LIST. My combined WEST & EAST SUSSEX LIST brings gives me a similar pleasure and can be found on the BUBO website. European family holidays have led me to keeping my third list, which is my WESTERN PALEARCTIC LIST. This list is kept on the NETFUGL website.

My website also contains a Blog, Twitching write ups, British & Irish Rare Birds Stats,Tweets on  my TITBITS page and Jokes

Also if you need to contact me my phone number is 07789 765163 or alternatively email me on [email protected] 

NOTE:- You will only see comments from me on Facebook, Twitter, Birdforum and.here (www.britishislestwitching.com Any rude remarks  or negative comments on other websites WILL NOT BE ME.  


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Summary of my Birding Life

1977 - Age 10 - Started watching birds in my parents garden, then went to local parks/ woodland. Become a YOC member. Went to the Crawley & Horsham RSPB group indoor meetings. They organised monthly outings, went on a few car & coach trips in the local area.

1981 - During my many bird watching trips I went to Arundel W.W.T. for a day’s bird watching with Mushaq Ahmed. He pointed out Peter Scott to me. I went over to chat to him and he kindly singed my bird book I had on me. On the 26th July I went to Gatwick Airport with a school friend called Martin Arter. I bought a Civil Aircraft Marking Book (CAM) and I spent the rest of the day ticking off planes in my CAM. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to give up Bird watching as Plane Spotting was going to occupy a lot of my spare time.

1989 - I remember watching the news and seeing lots of birdwatchers descending on Maidstone, Kent for a Golden-winged Warbler. I was thinking about going for it, but sadly never did. So I suppose this is now, my most sought after bird for my British Isles List. Will we ever get another chance?!

1990 - Bought a house with a girlfriend.

1992 - Discovered Birdline, and had another attempt at Birdwatching/Twitching. Restricted my Birding watching/Twitching to the Southeast of Britain. I also joined the local Crawley & Horsham R.S.P.B. group as treasurer. (Shame nobody mentioned the long staying '93 Blackpoll Warbler at Bewl to me, but the R.S.P.B. members I use to chat with weren't major twitchers).

1997 - Got married for the first time.

1998 - I resigned from the post of Crawley & Horsham R.S.P.B Group Treasurer after a 6 year period. I decided to Join two chess clubs:- Crawley & Coulsdon.

1999 - Whilst working at National Grid on a year’s contract, I met Neil Howes and he showed me his Nationwide Birding Notebook. I was amazed at how many birds Neil had seen and how far he travels to see them. It made me think if I should get back into Birding/Twitching and give up the Plane Spotting. For the time being I decided to juggle both hobbies. I went to Scillies for the first time (absolutely loved it) and during my 3 day stay I found a Richard's Pipit, Ortolan Bunting (very brief view) .My Dad died of cancer during the year, so my wife and I decided to move in with mum and and help her out financially.

2000 - Big changes were made to to my life this year. Gave up Plane Spotting (a hobby I had for 19 years), smoking (17 year addiction),left my first wife and gave her the house.

2002 - I met Kim in June and decided to give up playing competitive Chess as it was not fair to Birdwatch and spend weekends playing in Chess Tournaments. During my 4 year Chess career, I achieved a chess grade of 87 (BCF) and it was still rising. I also played Chess for Sussex in the U125(BCF) division. I also got 2nd and 3rd position in some Chess tournaments.

2003 - Got married for the 2nd time to Kim. Started to twitch Ireland...please don't mention the 2000 Blue-winged Warbler that now really hurts.

2004 - My daughter "Georgie" was born. New British Birds were becoming less and less frequent, so I turned my attention to local birdwatching, which started by listing the bird species I see at Weir Wood Reservoir.

2005 - This year on 3rd March a very good friend of mine died, his name was James Havers. He died at the age of 39, whilst eating a meal at Gatwick Airport with Birding friend Andrew Bashford. James was an exceptional good birdwatcher who spent much of his short life doing bird survey work in the Crawley and Horsham area. He took me to see many scarce breeding birds he had found in the region, and he also showed me a wintering Little Bunting found in Ifield Church, Crawley '94.

2008 - Started playing darts at the Fountain Pub in Roffey.

2009 - I formed a Darts Team at the White Knight in Crawley and I decided to stop playing at the Fountain. On the 2nd August my Mother sadly died from Cancer at St. Catherines Hospice. The 6th September my family & I left Rusper and moved into my Mum's house. Since then we have spent £40k on house improvements. During the year I was selected to be filmed for a BBC4 documentary called Twitchers- A very British tradition. (Should be televised on 3rd November 2010).

2010 - Twitchers: A very British Obsession was broadcast on the 1st November on BBC-4. The programme was about twitching birds in Britain and featured Brett Richards, Craig Family, Lee Evans and myself.

2011 - Seeing Sabine's Gull at Brighton Marina on the 15th September is my 300th BOU species for the combined West & East Sussx County List.

2013 - Seeing Wilson's Warbler on 21st September on Dursey Island, County Cork might turn out to be my 500th British & Irish Lifer (BOU/ IRBC basis).  This is dependant on Elegant Tern, Slaty-back-Gull, Alder Fly & Long-toed Stint getting accepted. I met up with a Washington Post journalist & photographer who met me and John Lees in Norfolk. He took photograhs of John and I enjoying my 300th British year tick (BOU), which happened to be a Shore Lark. The article was published in Denver Post, Washington Post and Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday 15th December. The article was portrayed how competitve birdwatchers are in the UK compared to the US.


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British & Irish Life List (1-100)


NoEnglish nameDatePlace Seen (County, Location)Rarity (Finders)
1Mallard05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
2Common Pheasant05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
3Wood Pigeon05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
4Collared Dove05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
5Pied Wagtail05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
6Wren05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
7European Robin05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
8Common Blackbird05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
9Goldcrest05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
10Long-tailed Tit05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
11Blue Tit05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
12Great Tit05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
13Coal Tit05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
14Eurasian Jay05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
15Black-billed Magpie05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
16Western Jackdaw05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
17Carrion Crow05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
18Common Starling05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
19House Sparrow05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
20Chaffinch05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
21Lesser Redpoll05-Apr-92W.Sussex, Worth way
22Atlantic Great Cormorant11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
23Grey Heron11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
24Common Shelduck11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
25Northern Shoveler11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
26Moorhen11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
27Eurasian Coot11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
28Eurasian Oystercatcher11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
29Ringed Plover11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
30European Golden Plover11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
31Grey Plover11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
32Dunlin11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
33Bar-tailed Godwit11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
34Eurasian Curlew11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
35Spotted Redshank11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
36Common Redshank11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
37Common Greenshank11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
38Ruddy Turnstone11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
39Black-headed Gull11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
40European Herring Gull11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
41Barn Owl11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
42Common Skylark11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
43Dunnock11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
44Mistle Thrush11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
45Rook11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
46Goldfinch11-Apr-92W.Sussex, Selsey Area
47Common Chiffchaff12-Apr-92W.Sussex, Wych Cross
48Nuthatch12-Apr-92W.Sussex, Wych Cross
49Greenfinch12-Apr-92W.Sussex, Wych Cross
50Reed Bunting12-Apr-92W.Sussex, Wych Cross
51Common Teal18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Yns hir R.S.P
52Greater Canada Goose18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Yns hir R.S.P
53Northern Lapwing18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Yns hir R.S.P
54Red-breasted Merganser18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Yns hir R.S.P
55Common Buzzard18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Tregaron
56Common Kestrel18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Tregaron
57Common Raven18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Tregaron
58Common Treecreeper18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Tregaron
59Red Kite18-Apr-92Ceredigion, Tregaron
60Mute Swan20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel Park
61Mandarin Duck20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel Park
62Northern Pochard20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel Park
63Tufted Duck20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel Park
64Little Ringed Plover20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel W.W.T.
65Common Snipe20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel W.W.T.
66Barn Swallow20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel W.W.T.
67Song Thrush20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Maidenbower
68Willow Warbler20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel W.W.T.
69Bullfinch20-Apr-92W.Sussex, Arundel W.W.T.
70Great Crested Grebe26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
71Greylag Goose26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
72Ruff26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
73Sand Martin26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
74House Martin26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
75Common Nightingale26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
76Northern Wheatear26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
77Grasshopper Warbler26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
78Sedge Warbler26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
79Bearded Tit26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
80Linnet26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
81Yellowhammer26-Apr-92Kent, Stodmarsh
82Black-throated Diver02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
83Northern Fulmar02-May-92E.Sussex, Birling Gap
84Northern Gannet02-May-92E.Sussex, Birling Gap
85Dark-bellied Brent Goose02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
86Common Scoter02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
87Whimbrel02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
88Common Gull02-May-92E.Sussex, Arlington Reser
89Lesser Black-backed Gull02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
90Great Black-backed Gull02-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
91Black-legged Kittiwake02-May-92E.Sussex, Splash Point
92Common Swift02-May-92E.Sussex, Birling Gap
93Meadow Pipit02-May-92E.Sussex, Arlington Reser
94Lesser Whitethroat02-May-92E.Sussex, Arlington Reser
95Common Whitethroat02-May-92E.Sussex, Arlington Reser
96Slavonian Grebe03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
97Gadwall03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
98Eurasian Sparrowhawk03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
99Little Tern03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
100Sandwich Tern03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill


British & Irish Life List (101-200)

NoEnglish nameDatePlace Seen (County, Location)Rarity (Finders)
101Common Cuckoo03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
102Red-rumped Swallow03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey BillS.Phipps
103Whinchat03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
104Reed Warbler03-May-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
105Marsh Harrier16-May-92Kent, Bough Beech
106Osprey16-May-92Kent, Bough Beech
107Common Sandpiper16-May-92Kent, Bough Beech
108Stock Dove16-May-92Kent, Bough Beech
109Little Owl16-May-92Kent, Bough Beech
110Garden Warbler16-May-92Surrey, Redhill
111Blackcap16-May-92Cardigan, Yns Hir R.S.P.B
112Great Spotted Woodpecker21-May-92W.Sussex, Buchan Park
113Tree Pipit21-May-92W.Sussex, Bucham Park
114Grey Wagtail21-May-92W.Sussex, Bucham Park
115Wood Warbler21-May-92Site witheld
116Little Grebe24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
117Eurasian Bittern24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
118Eurasian Wigeon24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
119Northern Pintail24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
120Pied Avocet24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
121Sanderling24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
122Little Gull24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
123Common Tern24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
124European Turtle Dove24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
125Green Woodpecker24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
126Common Stonechat24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
127Spotted Flycatcher24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
128Willow Tit24-May-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
129Red-crested Pochard31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
130Eurasian Honey Buzzard31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
131Eurasian Hobby31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B
132Mediterranean Gull31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
133Arctic Tern31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B
134Eurasian Tree Sparrow31-May-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
135Eurasian Woodcock01-Jun-92Kent, Bough Beech
136Roseate Tern14-Jun-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B
137Red-legged Partridge18-Jun-92Suffolk, Honnington
138Green Sandpiper21-Jun-92Kent, Bough Beech
139Common Redstart21-Jun-92Surrey, Thursley Common
140Dartford Warbler21-Jun-92Location withheld
141Black-tailed Godwit24-Jun-92Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.B
142Red-necked Grebe09-Aug-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
143Black-necked Grebe09-Aug-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B
144Yellow Wagtail09-Aug-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
145Greater Scaup22-Aug-92Kent, Elmley R.S.P.B.
146Peregrine22-Aug-92Kent, Elmley R.S.P.B.
147Red Knot31-Aug-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
148Little Stint31-Aug-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
149Wood Sandpiper31-Aug-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
150Red-necked Phalarope31-Aug-92W.Sussex, Siddlesham Ferr
151Black Tern31-Aug-92W.Sussex, Ivy Lake
152White-winged Black Tern01-Sep-92E.Sussex, Rye HarbourR.G.Harris
153Marsh Tit03-Sep-92W.Sussex, Ashdown Forest
154Eurasian Spoonbill09-Sep-92Kent, Bough Beech
155Corn Bunting20-Sep-92Kent, St. Margarets
156Short-eared Owl24-Sep-92E.Sussex, Rye Harbour
157Arctic Skua26-Sep-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
158Glaucous Gull26-Sep-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
159European Nightjar26-Sep-92W.Sussex, Heyshott Common
160Pied Flycatcher26-Sep-92W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
161Razorbill03-Oct-92E.Sussex, Brighton Marina
162Common Kingfisher03-Oct-92E.Sussex, Brighton Marina
163Rock Pipit03-Oct-92E.Sussex, Brighton Marina
164Black Redstart03-Oct-92E.Sussex, Brighton Marina
165Hen Harrier10-Oct-92E.Sussex, Rye Harbour
166Merlin10-Oct-92E.Sussex, Rye Harbour
167Jack Snipe10-Oct-92E.Sussex, Rye Harbour
168Common Guillemot11-Oct-92E.Sussex, Newhaven Tidemi
169Bewick's Swan17-Oct-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
170Ruddy Duck17-Oct-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
171Yellow-browed Warbler17-Oct-92E.Sussex, Belle Tout Wood
172Firecrest17-Oct-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
173Ring-necked Parakeet23-Oct-92Hants, Winsor
174Lesser Spotted Woodpecker26-Oct-92W.Sussex, Ifield Mill Pon
175Siskin26-Oct-92W.Sussex, Ifield Mill Pon
176Little Egret30-Oct-92W.Sussex, Thorney Island
177Grey Partridge30-Oct-92W.Sussex, Thorney Island
178Woodlark30-Oct-92Surrey, Frensham
179Fieldfare30-Oct-92Surrey, Frensham
180Northern Grey Shrike09-Nov-92Surrey, Thursley Common
181Brambling19-Nov-92W.Sussex, Weir Wood Reser
182Common Goldeneye23-Nov-92Surrey, Staines Reservoir
183Goosander23-Nov-92Berks, Wraysbury
184Ring-billed Gull23-Nov-92London, Rockingham Recrea
185European Shag05-Dec-92E.Sussex, Brighton Marina
186Whooper Swan07-Dec-92Cambs, Welney W.W.T.
187Redwing07-Dec-92W.Sussex, Weir Wood Reser
188Common Eider08-Dec-92Norfolk, Hunstanton
189Velvet Scoter08-Dec-92Norfolk, Hunstanton
190Water Rail08-Dec-92Norfolk, Snettisham R.S.P
191Purple Sandpiper08-Dec-92Norfolk, Heacham
192Pink-footed Goose09-Dec-92Norfolk, Holkham
193Eurasian White-fronted Go09-Dec-92Norfolk, Holkham
194Egyptian Goose09-Dec-92Norfolk, Holkham
195Shore Lark09-Dec-92Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.
196Twite09-Dec-92Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.
197Snow Bunting09-Dec-92Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.
198Hawfinch28-Dec-92Kent, Bedgebury
199Red-throated Diver31-Dec-92E.Sussex, Scotney G.P.
200Great Northern Diver31-Dec-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.


British & Irish Life List (201-300)

NoEnglish nameDatePlace Seen (County, Location)Rarity (Finders)
201Smew31-Dec-92Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
202Curlew Sandpiper04-Sep-93W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
203Buff-breasted Sandpiper21-Sep-93W.Sussex, Siddlesham
204Wryneck21-Sep-93W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
205Common Crossbill17-Dec-93W.Sussex, Cowdray Forest
206Long-tailed Duck11-Jan-94Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.B.
207Little Bunting15-Jan-94W.Sussex, Ifield Church
208Bohemian Waxwing25-Feb-96W.Sussex, Broadfield
209Great White Egret02-Mar-96E.Sussex, Horseye LevelR.K.Haggar
210Ring-necked Duck10-Mar-96W.Sussex, Warnham Pond
211Purple Heron06-Apr-96E.Sussex, Pevensey Levels
212Lesser Scaup13-Apr-96Herts,Tyttehanger G.P.M.Ilett,B.Reed
213Spotted Crake13-Apr-96Herts, Tringfield Reservo
214Green-winged Teal14-Apr-96Kent, StodmarshAccepted by UK4
215Bluethroat14-Apr-96Essex, Bradwell
216Garganey21-Apr-96Kent, Stodmarsh
217American Coot21-Apr-96Kent, StodmarshA.C.M.C.H.&M.J.
218Cetti's Warbler25-May-96Kent, New Hythe
219Marsh Warbler25-May-96Site witheld
220Little Bittern01-Jun-96Surrey, Epsom Stew PondsA.Greensmith
221Great Reed Warbler01-Jun-96Kent, Elmley Marshes R.S.J.A.Rowlands,G.
222Stone Curlew09-Jun-96Norfolk, Weeting Heath
223Golden Oriole09-Jun-96Site witheld
224Red-backed Shrike09-Jun-96Suffolk, Dunwich Heath
225European Serin09-Jun-96Norfolk, Gaywood Hall Dri
226Montagu's Harrier09-Jun-96Site witheld
227White-rumped Sandpiper17-Aug-96Hants, Farlington Marshes(I.R.Dickie)
228Grey Phalarope30-Oct-96Surrey, Staines Reservoir
229Ferruginous Duck05-Jan-97Kent, New Hythe
230Long-eared Owl05-Jan-97Kent, New Hythe
231Pied-billed Grebe16-Mar-97London, S.Norwood LakeJ.Flynn
232Eurasian Penduline Tit16-Mar-97Kent, New HytheA.Woodcock
233Little Crake29-Mar-97Kent, Bough BeechG.Harris,C&M.La
234Pallas's Leaf Warbler19-Oct-97Kent, North Foreland
235Barred Warbler25-Oct-97W.Sussex, Selsey Bill
236Rough-legged Buzzard02-Nov-97Kent, Harty Marshes
237Long-billed Dowitcher09-Nov-97Kent, Elmley R.S.P.B.G.W.Allison
238Desert Wheatear09-Nov-97Kent, ReculverP.Bearat,D.C.Gi
239Hume's Leaf Warbler16-Nov-97E.Sussex, Sheepcoate VallI.J.Whitcomb,J.
240Little Auk28-Dec-97Kent, Stonar Lake
241Taiga Bean Goose29-Dec-97Norfolk, Cantley
242Baillon's Crake13-Jul-99Kent, Grove FerryG.J.A.Burton,B.
243Cirl Bunting30-Aug-99Devon, Prawle Point
244Pectoral Sandpiper03-Sep-99W.Sussex, Weir Wood Reser
245Leach's Storm-petrel18-Sep-99W.Sussex, Shoreham Beach
246Common Crane26-Sep-99Norfolk, Dunnings Mill
247Blyth's Pipit26-Sep-99Norfolk, HappisburgM.Fiszer,P.J.He
248Eurasian Dotterel01-Oct-99Kent, Dymchurch
249Wilson's Phalarope10-Oct-99E.Yorks, Blacktoft Sands J.T.Harriman,E.
250Red-breasted Flycatcher13-Oct-99Kent, St. Margarets
251Temminck's Stint15-Oct-99Hants, Titchfield Haven
252Richard's Pipit16-Oct-99Scilly, St. Mary's Airfie
253Greater Short-toed Lark16-Oct-99Scilly, St. Marys: Airfie
254Upland Sandpiper16-Oct-99Scilly, St. Marys: AirfieM.L.Hawkes,J.We
255Yellow-billed Cuckoo16-Oct-99Scilly, TrescoA.J.Mackay
256Radde's Warbler16-Oct-99Scilly, St. Mary's: WaterAccepted by UK4
257White's Thrush17-Oct-99Scilly, St. AgnesRen Hathaway
258Manx Shearwater18-Oct-99At sea, Penzance to Scill
259Ring Ouzel18-Oct-99Scilly, St. Mary's: Penni
260White-throated Dipper19-Oct-99Dorset, River Bovey
261Red-flanked Bluetail19-Oct-99Cornwall, Rame Head ChurcD&I.Clegg
262Dusky Warbler23-Oct-99Suffolk, CortonR.Fairhead
263Short-billed Dowitcher24-Oct-99Cleveland, Greatham CreekB.Beck,R.C.Tayl
264Paddyfield Warbler26-Oct-99Essex, Lee ValleyT.Hill,I.Kendal
265Tawny Owl30-Oct-99London, Regents Park
266Blue-winged Teal31-Oct-99Essex, Hanningfield ReserC.Willis
267White-tailed Sea Eagle31-Oct-99Suffolk, Cove Bottom
268Pallid Swift31-Oct-99Suffolk, Sizewell BeachJ.Jennings,B.Sm
269Pacific Golden Plover06-Nov-99Cornwall, HelstonM.K.Ahmed,P.Ale
270American Golden Plover07-Nov-99Hants, Normandy MarshesR.W.Russell
271Northern Goshawk13-Nov-99Site Witheld
272Canvasback14-Nov-99Essex, Abberton ReservoirS.Belfield
273Forster's Tern05-Dec-99Essex, Old Hall MarshesC.J.Mackenzie-G
274Ivory Gull16-Dec-99Suffolk, AldeburghGeorge Smith
275Red-billed Chough26-Dec-99Anglessey, South Stack R.
276American Wigeon27-Dec-99Ceredigion, TregaronH.A.Williams
277Cattle Egret02-Jan-00W.Sussex, HenfieldA.R.Kitson
278Red-breasted Goose08-Jan-00Suffolk, WaldringfieldB.J.Small
279Pomarine Skua08-Jan-00Suffolk, Sizewell Beach
280American Black Duck09-Jan-00Cornwall, Stithians ReserK.A.Wilson
281King Eider09-Jan-00Cornwall, Mounts Bay MaraS.M.Christopher
282Iceland Gull09-Jan-00Devon, Bideford
283Lady Amherst's Pheasant21-Jan-00Bucks, Buttermilk Wood Wo
284Water Pipit22-Jan-00Essex,?
285Golden Pheasant22-Jan-00Norfolk, Waylands Wood
286Black-winged Stilt22-Jan-00Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.G.E.Dunmore
287Sora Crake23-Jan-00Devon, Stover Country ParB.B.Heasman
288Lapland Bunting30-Jan-00E.Yorks, Aldeborough
289Gyrfalcon09-Mar-00Cornwall, Cape CornwallM.P.Semmens,J.D
290Franklin's Gull20-Mar-00Somerset, Cheddar ReservoT.A.Box,A.M.Sla
291Bonaparte's Gull20-May-00Devon, Teign EstuaryM.Knott
292White Stork30-Mar-00Surrey, Burpham Court Far
293Great Spotted Cuckoo10-Apr-00Hants, Pennington MarshesJ.M.Clark
294Marsh Sandpiper11-Apr-00Dorset, Standpit MarshI.Prophet
295Tawny Pipit20-Apr-00E.Yorks, Easington: Sammy
296Rose-coloured Starling20-Apr-00N.Yorks, RiponJ.R.Mather,R.Ru
297Western Subalpine Warbler21-Apr-00E.Sussex, Shooters BottomP.Netherway,D.I
298Black-crowned Night Heron25-Apr-00Gloucs, Slimbridge W.W.T.M.J.McGill
299Kentish Plover25-Apr-00Dorset, Ferrybridge
300Ortolan Bunting04-May-00Surrey, QE2 Reservoir


British & Irish Life List (301-400)

NoEnglish nameDatePlace Seen (County, Location)Rarity (Finders)
301Slender-billed Gull05-May-00Norfolk, Cley Arnolds MarR.Brownswood,B.
302Atlantic Puffin08-May-00N.Yorks, Filey Car-nays
303Asiatic Desert Warbler08-May-00E.Yorks, Spurn: Sammy's PM.Finn,A.Paulls
304Lesser Yellowlegs09-May-00Dorset, East Fleet ButterM.Gilbert,G.Wal
305Woodchat Shrike09-May-00E.Sussex, Coombe Haven
306Broad-billed Sandpiper20-May-00Devon, Dawlish WarrenJ.E.Fortey,K.Ry
307Fan-tailed Warbler20-Mar-00Dorset, Hengisbury HeadD.N.Smith
308Red-footed Falcon29-May-00Hants, Budleigh New ForesB.F.Forbes,D.I.
309Western Bonelli's Warbler29-May-00Suffolk, Landguard N.R.P.Holmes,J.Lees
310Golden Eagle03-Jun-00Highland, Isle of Skye: K
311Rock Dove03-Jun-00Highlands, Isle of Skye: 
312Hooded Crow03-Jun-00Highlands, Inverness
313Red Grouse04-Jun-00Deeside, Glenshee
314Crested Tit04-Jun-00Highlands, Moremore Picni
315Scottish Crossbill04-Jun-00Highland, Grantown Forest
316Squacco Heron10-Jun-00E.Sussex, Pett LevelD.S&S.Brown
317Common Quail11-Jun-00Kent, Sandwich Bay
318Blyth's Reed Warbler18-Jun-00Highland, Nigg FerryD.Butterfield,C
319Black Guillemot23-Jun-00Highland, Isle of Skye: K
320Black-headed Bunting25-Jun-00Merionydd, Aber DysynniA&P.Gaunt
321Black-eared Wheatear26-Jun-00Dorset, Upton HeathC.Button,J.Lids
322Yellow-legged Gull28-Jun-00Surrey, Staines Reservoir
323European Roller28-Jul-00Co. Durham, East BoldonP.T.Bell,J.Cran
324Melodious Warbler01-Aug-00Dorset, Portland: Quarry
325Caspian Tern03-Aug-00Cleveland, Seaton Snook BB.Beck,G.Lawlor
326Semipalmated Sandpiper11-Aug-00E.Sussex, Rye HarbourS.Smith,P.Troak
327Aquatic Warbler11-Aug-00Cornwall, Marazion Marsh 
328Eurasian Hoopoe15-Aug-00London, KGV Reservoir
329Black-winged Pratincole18-Aug-00Cumbria, SkinburnessD.G.H.West
330Great Shearwater20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian Pelag
331Sooty Shearwater20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian Pelag
332Wilson's Storm Petrel20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian PelagAccepted by UK4
333European Storm Petrel20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian Pelag
334Great Skua20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian Pelag
335Sabine's Gull20-Aug-00At sea, Sicillonian Pelag
336Balearic Shearwater21-Aug-00Cornwall, Porthgwarra
337Cory's Shearwater22-Aug-00Cornwall, Porthgwarra
338Booted Warbler28-Aug-00E.Yorks, SpurnA.Hutt,A.Roadho
339Greenish Warbler28-Aug-00E.Yorks, SpurnL.J.Degnan,A.Ro
340Arctic Warbler02-Sep-00E.Yorks, SpurnD.P.Boyle
341Isabelline Shrike08-Sep-00Cambs, WhittleseyJ.P.Taylor
342Eastern Olivaceous Warble17-Sep-00Aberdeenshire, ColliestonP.A.A.Baxter,P.
343Solitary Sandpiper23-Sep-00Scilly, St. Mary's: Carn D.Page,K.Webb
344American Cliff Swallow30-Sep-00Dorset, Portland: Le VernD.J.Chown,C.E.R
345Red-eyed Vireo01-Oct-00Cornwall, Kenidjack ValleM.S.Wallen
346Rustic Bunting07-Oct-00Norfolk, StiffkeyD.Nurney,D.Ritc
347Swainson's Thrush15-Oct-00Scilly, St. Mary's: PorthM.Coller,W.Coll
348Spectacled Warbler16-Oct-00Scilly, Tresco: Middle DoS.J.Broyd
349Surf Scoter21-Oct-00Worcs, Droitwich
350Sociable Plover22-Oct-00Suffolk, BlythburgW.J.Brame
351Pied Wheatear19-Nov-00Lincs, Gibraltar PointG.W.Allison,S.P
352Laughing Gull13-Jan-01Wilts, Swindon Sewage WorM.G.Prior
353Short-toed Treecreeper28-Mar-01Kent, DungenessS.Dixon,D.Walke
354Ptarmigan13-Apr-01Deeside, Glenshee
355Black Grouse13-Apr-01Perthshire, Braco Moor
356Iberian Chiffchaff15-Apr-01Kent, Dungeness: Long PitA.S.Wraithmell
357Thrush Nightingale13-May-01E.Yorks, SpurnN.A.Bell,D.R.Mi
358Savi's Warbler16-May-01Norfolk, ThornhamG.F.Hibberd
359Collared Pratincole26-May-01W.Sussex, Siddlesham FerrJ.W.P.Bacon
360Little Swift26-May-01Notts, Netherfields Ash LT.Lister,A.Prze
361Marmora's Warbler30-May-01Suffolk, SizewellJ.Davies,A.Mill
362Sharp-tailed Sandpiper30-Aug-01Kent, Grove FerryP.R.Laslett, R.
363Baird's Sandpiper12-Sep-01Somerset, Blagdon LakeN.J.Voaden
364Red-necked Stint21-Sep-01Cambs, Somersham G.P.J.Oakes
365Isabelline Wheatear21-Sep-01Suffolk, Landguard N.R.W.J.Brame,N.Odi
366Pallas's Grasshopper Warb23-Sep-01Norfolk, BlakeneyS.Joyner
367Common Rosefinch13-Oct-01Devon, Lundy
368Bobolink14-Oct-01Devon, Prawle PointP.M.Mayer
369Sardinian Warbler19-Oct-01Somerset, Brean DownP.Bowyer,P.Chap
370Snowy Owl24-Oct-01Suffolk, LandguardM.Case,E.W.Patr
371Whiskered Tern31-Oct-01Bucks, Willen LakeA.V.Harding,W.R
372Snowy Egret10-Nov-01Argyll, BalvicarJ.M.Dickson,W.J
373Gull-billed Tern17-Nov-01Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.R.Kimber
374Baikal Teal24-Nov-01Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.BP.Green,W.Miles
375Mealy Redpoll25-Nov-01Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.
376Scandinavian Arctic Redpo22-Dec-01Norfolk, Titchwell R.S.P.A.M.Stoddard
377Snow Goose25-Dec-01Aberdeenshire, Loch of St
378Barnacle Goose25-Dec-01Aberdeenshire, Loch of St
379American Black Scoter26-Dec-01Moray, Burghead BayD.M.Pullan
380Lesser Canada Goose28-Dec-01Argyll, Islay: BallygrantAccepted by UK4
381Caspian Gull31-Dec-01Beds, Whipsnade Zoo
382Ross's Gull29-Jan-02Devon, Plymm EstuaryM.Northey,S.Ton
383Olive-backed Pipit03-Feb-02Norfolk, LynfordJ.V.Bhalerao
384Alpine Accentor17-Mar-02Suffolk, Minsmere R.S.P.BA.Connor,S.Nayt
385Hooded Merganser23-Mar-02Co. Durham, NewbiggenAccepted by UK4
386Capercaillie24-Mar-02Highlands, Grantown on sp
387Lesser Sand Plover12-May-02Lincs, RimacB.M.Clarkson,M.
388Lesser Kestrel16-May-02Scilly, St. Marys: PenninR.L.Flood, K.We
389Citrine Wagtail16-May-02Cornwall, Marazion Marsh A.Swash, K.E.Vi
390Elegant Tern18-May-02Devon, Dawlish WarrenPENDING
391Alpine Swift18-May-02Dorset, Lodmoor R.S.P.B.J.A.Lucas
392Least Sandpiper24-May-02Staffs, Drayton BassettM.J.Inskipp,G.J
393Lesser Grey Shrike26-May-02Devon, Dawlish WarrenL.Collins
394Black Stork28-May-02Norfolk, Great RyburghR.H.Hogg,A&M.Sa
395European Bee-eater04-Jun-02Co. Durham, Bishop Middle
396Spotted Sandpiper20-Jun-02Co. Durham, Derwent ReserJ.Dobinson,S.Ri
397Corncrake29-Jun-02Highland, Isle of Skye: U
398Stilt Sandpiper21-Jul-02Hants, Pennington MarshesR.B.Wynn
399Pallid Harrier11-Aug-02Kent, Elmley R.S.P.B.Bob Gomes
400Terek Sandpiper25-Aug-02Essex, MaldonR.Neave

British & Irish Life List (401-500)


NoEnglish nameDatePlace Seen (County, Location)Rarity (Finders)
401Glossy Ibis07-Sep-02Devon, Budleigh SaltertonD.Nicholls,D.St
402White-throated Sparrow25-Oct-02N.Yorks, Flamboro: Old FaM.Carroll,J.M.P
403Oriental Turtle Dove06-Dec-02Orkney, StromnessJason Bishop / 
404Two-barred Crossbill14-Dec-02Norfolk, SandringhamJ.V.Bhalerao
405Lesser White-fronted Goos16-Feb-03Gloucs, Slimbridge W.W.T.M.J.McGill
406Taiga Flycatcher27-Apr-03N.Yorks, Flamboro: South A.Lassey
407Red-throated Pipit03-May-03Devon, Northan BurrowsR.G. Marshall
408Audouin's Gull05-May-03Kent, Dungeness R.S.P.BD.Walker
409White-crowned Sparrow22-May-03Co.Cork, Dursey SoundPenny Durell
410Black Lark02-Jun-03Anglessey, South Stack R.K.Croft
411Saxaul Grey Shrike21-Jun-03IOM, BallaghennieC. Sharpe, C. W
412Black Kite03-Aug-03E.Sussex, Beachy HeadM.E & R.H. Char
413Common Yellowthroat04-Oct-03Co.Clare, Loop HeadPaul Archer
414Grey-cheeked Thrush14-Oct-03Scilly, Tresco: Borough FR.Barrat, A.J.L
415Siberian Rubythroat19-Oct-03Shetland, Fair IsleAlan Bull
416Savannah Sparrow19-Oct-03Shetland, Fair IsleJ.Walmsley
417American Robin16-Dec-03Cornwall, GodrevyP.Gainey
418Baltimore Oriole16-Dec-03Oxon, Headingford: StowooT.Morgan,I.Lewi
419Harlequin Duck21-Feb-04Western Isles, Lewis:Col M.Hague,B.Rabbi
420Pine Bunting29-Feb-04Norfolk, ChoseleyA.Saunders
421Bufflehead31-May-04Staffs, Croxall G.P.M.Yapp
422Icterine Warbler31-May-04Suffolk, Outney Common
423Greater Sand Plover04-Jul-04Norfolk, Snettisham R.S.PA.Missin,J.Scot
424Cream-coloured Courser30-Sep-04Scilly, St. Martins: UppeE.A.Fisher,R.L.
425Western Sandpiper02-Oct-04Dorset, Brownsea IslandC.Thain,C.Willi
426Yellow Warbler17-Oct-04Western Isles, Barra: BreS.L.Rivers
427Chestnut-eared Bunting19-Oct-04Shetland, Fair Isle: SkadD.N.Shaw
428Ovenbird27-Oct-04Scilly, St. Mary's: TrenoJ.C.Harding
429Masked Shrike31-Oct-04Fife, Kilrenny CommonT.Glass,A.W.Lau
430Killdeer08-Jan-05Western Isles, North UistJ&S.Entwhistle-
431Thayer's Gull13-Mar-05Co. Mayo, BellmulletM.O'Keefe
432Belted Kingfisher07-Apr-05Aberdeenshire, PeterculteI.D.Broadbent,K
433White-billed Diver23-Apr-05Western Isles: Lewis, SkiM.J.McKee
434Barrow's Goldeneye14-May-05Aberdeenshire, Ythan EstuP.Shepherd
435Trumpeter Finch21-May-05Suffolk, Landguard N.R.L.G.Woods
436Sooty Tern09-Jul-05Anglessey, the SkerriesC.Bingham
437Lesser Crested Tern17-Jul-05Norfolk, WaxhamM.P.Lee,R.B.Vot
438Blackpoll Warbler28-Sep-05Scilly, St. AgnesD.Page,D.Price
439American Green Heron12-Oct-05Co. Cork, Schull harbourP.McDermot
440Chimney Swift01-Nov-05Co.Cork, CourtmacsherryJ.Crowley,P.Wol
441Brunnich's Guillemot03-Dec-05Shetland, BressayM.Heubeck,R.M.M
442American Buff-bellied Pip13-Dec-05Lincs, Frampton R.S.P.B.P.R.French
443Black-throated Thrush30-Dec-05Somerset, CurloadR.Billington
444Calandra Lark13-May-06Fife, Isle of MayM.A.Newell
445Eurasian Scops Owl13-Jun-06Oxon, ThruppD.Clarke
446Black-browed Albatross01-Jul-06Western Isles, Sula sgeirD.McFarlane
447Long-tailed Skua09-Sep-06Berks, Queen Mother Reser
448Canada Warbler09-Oct-06Co.Clare, KilbahaM.Hanafin
449Hermit Thrush20-Oct-06Co.Cork, Cape ClearC.Cronin
450Long-billed Murrelet11-Nov-06Devon, DawlishD.Hopkins
451Pacific Diver30-Jan-07N.Yorks, KnaresboroughJ.Atkinson,J.Ma
452Glaucous-winged Gull03-Mar-07Carmathens, Twyi EstuaryD.Davidson
453White-tailed Plover07-Jun-07Dumfries & Galloway, CaerR.Hesketh
454Hudsonian Whimbrel19-Jun-07Cumbria, Walney IslandT.Phizacklea
455Slate-coloured Junco14-Jul-07Norfolk, LanghamD.Curis
456Siberian Stonechat04-Oct-07E. Yorks, Spurn?
457Asiatic Brown Flycatcher04-Oct-07E. Yorks, Flamborough HeaR.Baines
458Rose-breasted Grosbeak25-Oct-07Scilly, St. Anges:Troy toB.Spurrell,P.Read
459Wilson's Snipe27-Oct-07Scilly, St. Mary's: LowerJ.Lidster
460American Mourning Dove02-Nov-07North Uist: BaleshareB.Rabbits
461Pechora Pipit21-Nov-07Pembs, Goodwick MoorA.Rogers
462North American Herring Gu16-Feb-08Co. Galway, Galway Harbou?
463River Warbler30-May-08E.Sussex, Beachy HeadM.Eade
464Citril Finch09-Jun-08Scotland, Fair IsleT.Hyndman
465Cretzschmar's Bunting20-Sep-08Orkney, North Ron?
466Brown Shrike25-Sep-08N. Yorks, Flamboro?
467Scarlet Tanger11-Oct-08Co. Cork, Garinish PointT.Lancaster,K.G
468Little Blue Heron11-Oct-08Co. Galway, LetterfrackD.Breen
469Collared Flycatcher29-Apr-09Dorset, Portland: SouthweP.Saunders
470Crested Lark03-May-09Kent, DungenessD.Bunney
471Oriental Pratincole03-Jun-09Kent, DungenessB.Gomes
472Blue-cheeked Bee-eater22-Jul-09Kent, St. Margarets BayJ.Chantler
473Sandhill Crane23-Sep-09Orkney, South RonP.Higson
474Veery03-Oct-09Shetland: WhalsayP.Stonach
475Eastern Crowned Warbler25-Oct-09Co. Durham, South ShieldsD.Holden
476Sykes Warbler16-Aug-10Northumberland, DruridgeM.Kerby
477Alder Flycatcher25-Sep-10Norfolk, Blakeney Point
478Northern Parula26-Sep-10Argyll, TireeJ.Bowler
479Myrtle Warbler05-Oct-10Co.Cork, Cape ClearP.Phillips
480American Bittern30-Oct-10Cornwall, Trewey CommonR.Moores
481Northern Harrier06-Nov-10Co.Wexford, TacumshinK.Mularney
482Slaty-backed Gull17-Feb-11London, RainhamPENDING
483Stejneger's Scoter12-Mar-11Co. Kerry, RossbeighD.Farrar
484White-throated Robin06-Jun-11Cleveland, HartlepoolC.Brown
485Greater Yellowlegs13-Sep-11Cornwall, WadebridgeD.Julian
486Long-toed Stint16-Sep-11W.Sussex, Weir Wood ReserPENDING
487Black & White Warbler17-Sep-11Scilly, St. Mary's: Lower MoorsC.Ridgard
488Northern Waterthrush19-Sep-11Scilly, St. Mary's: Lower MoorsJ & T.G.Davis
489Semipalmated Plover08-Oct-11Co. Kerry, VentryD.Brown
490Spannish Sparrow11-Jan-12Hampshire, CalshottD.Bishop
491Parrot Crossbill29-Jan-12W.Sussex, Blackdown
492Western Orphean Warbler28-May-12Cleveland, Hartlepool
493Pine Grosbeak04-Feb-13Shetland, Housetter
494Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush25-Apr-13E.Yorks, Spurn
495Dusky Thrush18-May-13Kent, Margate Cementary
496Pacific Swift15-Jun-13Suffolk, Trimley Marshes
497White-throated Needletail26-Jun-13W.Isles: Harris, Tarbert
498Bridled Tern02-Jul-13Northumberland, Inner Farne
499Swinhoe's Storm Petrel16-Aug-13Shetland: Fair Isle
500Great Snipe15-Sep-13E.Yorks, Kilnsea



British & Irish Life List (501+)

No English name Date Place Seen (County, Location) Rarity (Finders)
501 Wilson's Warbler 21-Sep-13 Co. Cork, Dursey Island
502 Thick-billed Warbler 05-Oct-13 Shetland, Geosetter
503 Cape May Warbler 24-Oct-13 Shetland, Unst: Baltasound
504 Crag Martin 12-Apr-14 N.Yorks, Flamboro
505 Short-toed Eagle 01-Jun-14 Dorset, Morden Bog
506 Great Knot 14-Jul-14 Norfok, Breydon Water
507 Lanceolated Warbler 08-Oct-14 Shetland, Quendale
508 Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler 10-Oct-14 Shetland, Scalloway
509 Little Bustard 01-Jan-15 E.Yorks, Wilsthorpe
510 Great Blue Heron 18-Apr-15 Scilly, Bryher
511 Hudsonian Godwit 25-Apr-15 Somerset, Meare Heath
512 Acadian Flycatcher 22-Sep-15 Kent, Dungeness
513 Chestnut Bunting 25-Oct-15 Orkney, Papa Westray


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